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I can't believe I did it again and skipped a month.  I was getting already to do one in April then we had issues with livejournal, and now I am behind again by about 10 days.  (At least it isn't 20 again).  But I did  have to update good reads to be able to finish up August 2009.  So that is updated Yeah.    What is happening nothing much especially with the health.  I did have the stress test which came out borderline they had me do another stress test only it was an Ecco one where they make you walk the treadmill and then after a few minutes quickly get on the table and they check your heart.   After that test the results came back and there is nothing wrong with me.  But I think I figured out my problem.  Allergies and flem.  Gross huh.  The one night when I was coughing none stopped I looked up on the internet to see what you could take.  This was about 3:00 in the morning.  I read benadryl to dry your nose out.  Ran downstairs to get some (Yes we have benadryl in the house since my Dad and Daughter have allergies) well that did the trick I went back to sleep without coughing.  As for excercise I haven't done it like I should I really need to.  But I did ask the pharmacist about the flem and they said drink more water and orange juice.  Which I have and now I haven't had as much coughing or flem (YEAH!!).  I think it is still allergy related but it is so nice not to cough all day, and to get some sleep.

Ordered new glasses today and have a new trial pair of contacts.  They feel good in my eyes.  I haven't been able to wear contacts for awhile.  The last pair I would wear here and there but they would sting my eyes after so many hours I had to take them out.  I think they just needed to be replaced they where a few years old (daily wear one's).  Now I am trying a new pair today and so far so good.  Now I just hope when I get my new glasses I don't have to keep taking my glasses off as much to read.  It is nice I am sitting here typing and being able to see and not even needing the reading glasses you buy at the store :)

Work we have now got 4 new contractors training once they are trained then I will become a scheduler. Still not looking forward to it but I think it will be okay. 

Sad that another publisher is shutting down and it is not just manga it is also the Yaoi being affected.  It makes me so sad that Tokyopop and Blu is gone.  I feel bad for everyone losing their jobs and also that there are so many great stories I am reading that I will not be able to finish and the artist will not be getting any more money from sales. I keep hoping that since they are keeping Germany going maybe just maybe they would be nice enough to finish some of the series that only have a few volumes left.  The other day I went and brought a few of the series that I was missing a volume hear or there and some of the latest so I would have them (even though the series will never be complete).  I know people are saying maybe someone will pick them up but who is left Viz, Yen Press, and DMP.  Viz has already started putting some of their own series on hold.  I know Kodansha is going to be starting soon but looking at their website they are only doing the Del Rey titles that they picked up.  (At least I will get more WALLFLOWER!!!).   Still crying about Tokyopop/Blu. 

Sorry didn't mean to go into a rant again.  So here are the rest of the books for August 2009.  Making progress :)

Books - Along for the Ride
Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen - Loved this book. This is a story about Auden. She is someone that stays in, gets good grades, and doesn't have friends. Most of her nights she can not sleep and stays up all night. The summer she graduates and is about to head to college her Father has a new baby with his new wife. Auden decides to go and visit her Father for the summer. When she is at her Fathers meets a guy Eli who also can not sleep at night. What I liked about this book is they all seemed to have issues Audren, Eli, Her Mom, Her Dad, Her brother and her Step Mom. Eli friends and the friends she made in this I really liked I wanted to know more about them.
It was a very good book that I didn't want to put down. I wanted to see if they figured out their issues and how the story would end up. This book was a very fast read actually I read it in two days.

Manga - Comic, Castle of Dreams, Kimi Ni Todoke

Comic vol 6 - A lot happens in this volume. While Patrick is off on his trip Neil is spending more and more time with Alice. Once Patrick comes back Neil tells Patrick about the girl he really likes. Will Patrick find out who this girl is. Alice and Patrick have a major fight of what happened in the past. They both think the other should apologies. What will happened between Patrick and Alice. You will have to read this volume to find out these answers.

Castle of Dreams - This book is made up of various short stories ranging from fantasy to more real life stories. Some of the first stories that where about fantasy made me sad with the way they where going. Just paging back through it since it has been awhile since I read them I still feel sad. The first part of the book has 3 stories. In the first story it has about a girl from a forest who is meant to be with the prince, but he doesn't love her and she tries to change who she is. Should you really change who you are for anyone? In the second part of the book has 5 different stories. The first story "The room where the angel lives" also had me sad about a little boy that finds a little girl and is trying to help her. But she is sick and he tries to get her help. This story Shows them as younger then grown up. It was a good story. I did enjoy reading all of the stories in this.

Kimi ni Todoke vol 1 - LOVED THIS BOOK!!! This is a story of Sawako Kuronma. She looks like the girl from the ring with the long jet black hair and the sinister smile and she is very quiet. Everyone around her calls her Sadako instead of her real name. They all think that they are being cursed by her if they sit near her. So she is a very lonely girl that has never had any friends and would love to have some. When she meets the most popular boy in the school Kazehaya and he says good morning to her she gets very excited that he talks to her and treats her like normal. Sawaka who is very shy and thoughtful of others and only wants to help. You just want to cheer her on and hope she makes friends, it also make s you want to yell at anyone that doesn't want to talk to her or sit near her. You feel bad for her since she is so nice, sweet and afraid of causing anyone to have hurt feelings. I recommend this series to everyone. I absolutely love it.  (There is also an anime of this that follows the manga really well. Wish it would get licensed)!!

Yaoi - Totally Captivated
Totally Captivated vol 1 - This book was making me laugh. This is a story about Ewon he is not very faithful to his boyfriend Jiho. Jiho starts dating another guy who is the boss of a mafia group. His name is Mookyul. Mookyul makes Ewon work for him since he thinks Ewon keeps stalking Jiho. When in reality Ewon had just been trying to apologize to Jiho and get back with him. The attics being of course the boss is always pushing Ewon around and making him do things like try to collect money. He tells Ewon if he doesn't collect he will kill him. Of course each time Ewon comes back without the money the boss will tell him start preparing your grave, get the casket ready. But of course he never really does try to kill Ewon. In another chapter Ewon accidentally breaks a vase and goes into hiding while he is gone the office goes to ruin since he is the errand boy and does everything. There is more going on between all of the characters and it is a fun read. I really have to dig up volume 2 and read the next volume. (Note: I could remember I enjoyed this book and some things about it that when I went to update goodreads I actually read the whole thing again and enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time) :).

Well that is all for August 2009 :)

Have to say since it will be awhile before I post them watched the anime Big Windup and I loved it.   Also am watching Kimi Ni Todoke (love it) and watched Itazura Na Kiss which I enjoyed.  Brought La Corda and Special A just haven't watch them yet.  Also yesterday me and my Daughter re-watched Zoids the Chaotic Century the first two episodes.  (I loved that anime)!!

Last night watched Ninja Warriors if you didn't watch it don't want to spoil it but I felt really bad that some of my favorites didn't make it past the 1st stage.  And one of my favorites it talking about retiring.   (Hope that wasn't much of a spoiler unless you know who my favorites are) :)

Until next time, I'm not even going to try and say maybe another this month or every month.  I feel like I am in a time warp where I am losing hours, days and weeks!
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