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books reading lately Harry, Eclipse, Vampire Academy etc

I realize I do not update my journal all that much.  Mainly because I have a very routine/boring life.  (I know everyone will say then if it is boring go and do something.)  But the odd part is for the most part I like my boring life.  Anyway I realized the last journal I did I was waiting for Harry Potter the final book to come out.   Which it came out yes I stood in line at the Borders store I go to (they had a cool party, which I watched what was going on but didn't partcipate) I enjoye watching others).  Anyway got the book and really enjoyed it.  It took me a few days before I could read it.  Life got in the way (birthday parties, cleaning etc).  But when I got to finally sit down and spend time reading it I really enjoyed it.  I will not give anything away except it upset me with what she did with some of the characters.  That being said if you like the other Harry Potter books as much as I did I think you will like this one also.  I laughed and I cried and I was sad to see it end.   Next book Eclipse came out in Mid August. (Borders had another release party which I went to and of course watched everyone). Anyway I love this series.   Here was another book that part of it made me upset and want to cry and other parts laugh.   If you like Vampires and romance I would recommend the Twilight series to anyone. (This is the first book my daugher has actually read other then manga and liked).    I am now in the middle of Vampire Academy which I am really enjoying but haven't been able to devote time to sit down and read (otherwise I would be done the book already).  My Daughter has introduced me to manga Bleach which I am enjoying a lot.  We got DVD 1 last week and DVD 2 this week.  So I am reading the manga and watching the DVD's.  Bleach is a really interesting, I catch myself laughing a lot in it..  I am waiting on the next books to come out for Good Ghouls Do and the next book in series glass houses.  I loved these series.  I do alot of reading (I don't watch alot of Tv or watch movies).  I own alot of romance novels that I have to read but just can't seem to get to.  I buy a lot of Manga! At the booksstore I go to they have recommended alot  of manga and  Young Adult books which I really enjoy.  They have created a website on live journal (michelle's Minions) that has some of  her book recommendations.  Last week I did rent the movie WILD HOGS I loved this movie I laughed so hard at some parts.  My daughter was laughing more at me then the movie.  I don't know if the movie was really funny or if it was one of those times that everything just seemed funny.  But I did enjoy it alot.  I am putting it on to buy one of these days in the near future.  So that pretty much covers everything I have done since July last update.  Just alot of reading wizards, vampires and manga.   Oh and re-arranging my room to fit the bookcase for all of these books.  

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