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Happenings Fairy Tale, Gakuen Alice, Otomen, Black Bird and Venus Cappriccio

Well so much for posting once a month. Already blew it in January. But yep I have an excuse well not really. But I was tried at night, getting further and further behind in livejournal. I had said to someone I wasn't going to do a post in Live journal till I got caught up (I was over 20 days behind). Just got caught up the other day :)

In January had to sleep at a hotel for work one night since it had snow and we had lost the big UPS and they where putting everything on little ups. It was a strange night went to the hotel about 9:30pm and couldn't sleep, I finally gave up around midnight and read a book. Then got ready and they picked me up again around 3:30am to go back to work. Yep got a ride to and from the hotel. (Over 20 people had stayed for the whole process and they shuttled us back and forth to the hotel).

Onto happier things YES!!! My son finally got his license. It has been a very long time in coming. He has had his permit for two year (yes we extended once) and we where down to the final week before it expired and would of had to start all over again. Luckily he passed on the 1st try. So happy next step for him to get a car but he has to save money for it. Now I have to convince my daughter to get her permit.

Health is okay the medicine is working and my blood pressure is down. The only thing is I keep thinking I am way out of shape but I did mention to my doctor that I lose my breath very easily when walking and such. I told her I am just out of shape. She wants me to do a stress test to be sure. It won't be the big one the insurance won't pay but I will have to do the treadmill for a few minutes. So last week I tried WII Dance workout to see if I can get at least in some kind of shape to do the test. WII Dance workout kicked my butt!! Really have to do more. The test will be in the middle of March.

So onto 2009 books and movies from the beginning of August.

Books Fairy tale
Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog - LOVED IT!!!!This book was about Morgan and Cam growing up next door together and are in love. Cam has everything going for him and Morgan has abilities to see the future for some people. Everything was going fine then Cam started to change and his cousin Pip comes to stay. What we find out is Cam is turning into a real Fairy. As Cam is dealing with the changes, Pip starts spending more and more time with Morgan. What will happen once Cam becomes a full fledged Fairy, will Morgan and Cam be together, or will Pip and Morgan become closer. While reading this book I was so torn between the characters Pip and Cam. I loved Pip wishing there really was a Pip in this world. I recommend this book to everyone it was a really good book and I enjoyed reading it. Note I meet the author shortly after reading this and Cyn Balog is so nice. I have her next book and can't wait to read. (Need to dig it out of my pile) :)

Manga - Gakuen Alice, Otomen, Venus Capriccio, and Black Bird
Gakuen Alice Vol 6 - I love this series.  In this volume there seems to be someone that is able to take the Alices' abilities away and our cute little Prez is one that his powers are now gone. Also in this volume an organization known as "Z" has come into the school and Hotaru ends up getting seriously wounded.  
Mikan and others are trying to figure out how to find the missing Alice's and who is behind it. Will they be able to find anything out. In this volume I was upset to see some of my favorite characters be hurt, or upset and crying. Needing to read more to find out if Prez will get his Alice back, and that Hotaru is okay. 

Otomen vol 2 - I am enjoying this series.  This is about Askua who's a guy that like girly things.  But because his mother doesn't agree he has to hide it from her and act all manly.  Askua like Ryo and is trying to hide the fact he like girly things.  Askua is so cute when he blushing when he sees something he likes, or is doing things he likes. In this volume Askua mother intrudes him to someone that he wants to be come his financee.  Will Askua like this girl, and how will their meeting go. You will have to read to find out :)

Venus Capriccio vol 1 - I liked reading this. This book is about Takami and Akira they have been taking piano lessons together since they where kids. Takami keeps getting dump by guys that like girls to act more girly. Will Akira be able to help Takami get over these guys, and find someone knew. (This series is only 5 volumes and CMX closed before the 5 volume was published).  I hate when I buy a series and it is never finished.

Black Bird Vol 1 - Like this series so far. Misao Harada is a girl that can see ghost and other things. They are always trying to touch her and bother her. All Misao wants is a normal high school life. One day Misao his hurt and Kyo who is a Tengue tries to help her by licking her wounds. It turns out that Misao Harada is suppose to be the bride of prophecy and her blood will give power to the Demons so all of the Demons are trying to claim her and take her blood. Is Kyo someone from her past that she can trust and that he is trying to protect her or is he another trying to take her blood. I enjoyed this first book and like the characters. Looking forward to reading more :)

Watched back in August 2009
Inkheart  - I really enjoyed this movie.  Love Brandon Frasier ( I actually keep thinking I should buy the book)
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - LOVE HARRY Potter movies they are so amazing.  

Well that is all for now. Hopefully I will post again in March maybe even twice in March since I missed January but who knows what may happen in the meantime. 
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