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I am so excited my son passed his drivers license today.  I know many other families have kids that passed but this has been a journey :D   He first went for him permit when he was maybe 17 and I don't think he was really into it.  Then he tried taking the test 7 times finally passed for his permit.   Then he had his permit for a year and last year we re-newed it since he hadn't gone for his test.  With the 3 weeks remaining on his permit he finally went for his test.   YES he passed 1st try. I had to thank my one friend for all of the tips since her daughter just passed a few weeks ago.

Now we have to worry about insurance, and finding him a car.  (I told him he is going to need to ask for more hours at work).  As it is he is only working like one day a week.

I have been very behind on Live Journal about 10 days behind now.  Once I get caught up, I will doing another book posting.  (I am sure everyone is thrilled) Yeah right.  But I am going to try to shoot for at least once a month :)

Well that is all for now.  I let him have the honors of calling everyone, and since I am so excited I just had to update my journal!!

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