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Well as posted before I finally finished The Host.  While reading it the first week or so I did read some manga that I hadn't posted about yet.  Then this weekend I have read a few more.  So they will not be as long.   Also in that time frame since the last time I posted I forgot to write in about going to the movies to see Death Note and Bleach on the big screen.  Loved them.

So here goes my posting for the first few books and movies.

Movies Death Note and Bleach

Death Note

Death Note - The was a live action movie not the anime, it was dubbed over so you didn't have to read subtitles.  At first the voices did not move along with their mouths which reminded me of the old Godzilla movies, but as the movie progressed it got better.  The movie itself was very good.  Seeing L up on the screen eating made me laugh.  (Now I have not read the Death Note manga yet and only watched one episode of the anime).  But everyone talks about death note so I had a pretty good idea who everyone was.   I always think Light is a little cutie, until watching this movie I didn't realize how screwed up he is.  I hope that they do bring the next part to the big screen in the fall Viz wanted to see how it did this time around.   The movie theatre was packed it was only playing two nights and we went on the first night.  I have never had a movie experience like that before.   Some of the kids where dressed up as the characters, and some other characters.   Some where talking about the show throughout it, but the fan girls they cracked me up (for the most part then I had to tune them out so I could listen to the movie).  They would yell and clap whenever L came on the screen and when Misa Misa showed up (I didn't know who she was) they where hollering and laughing.  Now this went on throughout the whole movie.   Then at the end the clapped (which I have seen before). But it was very different.  So I had my reservations about seeing Bleach wondering if the same thing was going to happen.  (Not that I didn't find it funny, and cute, and I could put up with it,  and when you have kids you learn to tune some things out) but my daughter was having a problem with it (she was sitting closes to them) she said the one girl across from her stumped her feet the whole time.  But I enjoyed it.  When it comes out I would recommend watching it if you like Death Note.

Bleach movie (Memories of a nobody) - This one was anime and was centered around a young girl (Seena) that they thought was a soul reaper.  At the same time there is a dimension called the Valley of Screams that is between the real world and the Soul Society and it growing where it almost connects the worlds.  If the two worlds connect then that would be a disaster for both of the worlds. They have to try and stop it.  In the mean time Ichigo is looking after Seena who ends up being important to this whole thing she is someone that takes the soul's memories and holds them all within her.   (throughout she has images of past lives some where hers and some are not).  She goes to a grave yard to find what she thinks is her parents grave when she is actually looking for her own.   The story is about Freeing Seena and saving the two worlds from colliding.  I really loved this movie.  There where so many things funny, scenes and sad scenese of course there where fighting scenes.  Everyone one was in it at least at one point or the other.  Both groups the earth group and the Soul Society group.  I am hoping it comes out on DVD so I can own it.  I hope they release another movie in the theater so I can watch it on the big screen.  Yes this experience was different then Death Note.  It seemed to have an older group.  Only a few people dressed up.  But it was like any normal movie,  people laughed and only a few talked at certain scenes but other wise everyone was there to enjoy the movie.

Manga - Never give up, Tail of the Moon, Beauty Pop, BODY and Cy Believers

Never Give up Vol 7 - I love this series. In this volume they are still trying for the big modeling contract.  They are all getting ready for the runway.  Kiri is practicing all of the time since she can not get it right.  Of course she has to finally let her father help her out since she just can not seem to get how to walk correctly.   We also learn a little of Kanou's childhood to see why he acts this way. Toyha of course is there to stand beside her and be her friend.   Kiri cracks me up.  She worries about everything.  I know Tokyopop is going through some major changes over there I hope they continue with this series since I love it.

Tail of the Moon Vol 10 - Also love this series.  Usagi is still being help captive by Ranmaru along with her childhood friend.  It seems Ranmaru has feelings for Usagi so her friend who is hurt tells her she has to try to seduce Ranmaru so they can escape.  The part where Usagi tries this makes me laugh she is such a Klutch.  But at one point I was worried about what might happen.   I will not give any clues away but the end of the story has a big cliffhanger with her and Hanzo.   I am waiting for the next book to see what happens. 

Beauty Pop Vol 8 -  Also love this series.  In this volume someone is out to discredit Kiri they are framing her for destroying the scissor club room, starting rumors and such.  Kiri doesn't do anything to protect herself.  Naruami is getting upset that people are accusing her.   Also Jimmy for California has now transferred to this school.   Lots of things happen in this volume and most of them make me laugh.    The last par they are having one crazy competition with different teams doing really strange things to make it through to the next round.  Of course it ends on a cliffhanger.  Can't wait for the next volume to come out.

BODY Vol 1
- New series.  I really liked this story.  The girl is cracking me up in it.  Ryoko has strange tastes in guys she is drooling over one of the guys in her class who is quiet and like a nerd.  It turns out he is not a nerd but a host.  He keeps bumping into her and telling her he is going to win her heart.  One minute he is doing something nice for her then the next minute he is being a total jerk.   Can't wait to see how these two continue to act towards each other.

Cy-Believers Vol 1 - Another new Series.  Rui has just transferred to a school where her fiance is there.  He is a nut case if you ask me.  Anyway they have clubs at the school that Rui wants to try out but all of them are being shut down.   Eventually she stumbles upon one group where they are computer nerds that are in the group.  The other members they build stuff to sell for money for the group.  She ends up part of this group which the Fiance does not like.  He is trying to shut it down.  Needless to say he hasn't been successful yet.   I know volume 2 is due out soon waiting to see what happens next.

Yaoi Manga Selfish Mr. Mermaid
Selfish Mr. Mermaid vol 1 - I love this story.  It is cute.   The concept is Kanon is a quiet guy, and pretty much just lets things happen around him. One day he realize the apartment above him is leaking so he goes up to find out why.  This is where he finds Mr. Mermaid in the bathtub.   Of course things happen that Mr. Mermaid ends up moving in with Kanon, and things progress from there.  At one point in the story.  Kanon is going to a party in the sea with the mermaid.   Can't wait for volume 2 to see what is going to happen next between these guys.

Well that is all for now.  I will post again in a few days.  Have already read about 10 others. 
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