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Movie and anime this weekend

I went and saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  Normally after a few movies in a series they start to not be as good.  But I find with the Harry Potter movies I think they are just as good and I think this one was on of the best.  It was darker then the others but they also had funny lines in it that made me laugh, and other's in the movie theater.  I think this one actually had more funny lines in it then any others.  I do give away any clues in case others have not  seen it.  But since the book was so large of course something's had to be taken out or skipped over but in this one I don't think it was a noticeble as some of the others.   I really enjoyed it and would recommend if you are a Harry Potter fan to go and see this movie.   (Not alot of movies do I recommend to go and see).  I think the last few I went to I recommended but I only go when the movie really interest's me.  

The reason I don't go so much anymore is it is just too expensive to get in and then if you get anything to drink or eat well you can spend alot of money.   

Anyway I also just picked up the next DVD in the  Kyo Kano Mayo Season 2 dvd 5.  I really enjoyed it and was laughing through most of it.  

So Friday night and Saturday night I watch to really good things Harry and Kyo Kano Mayo.

Now all I have to do is wait for the book next week. 
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