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The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Wow I can't beleive I haven't posted since the end of May. I even was going to do a second post on the manga I had read. Well they are still sitting there to be written up. Way to busy with work. It is finally calming down so I was able to finally get to finish The Host. So I will go into why I love this book. (Try not to give spoilers)

The Host by Stephenie Meyer.
Yes when you first pickup this very heavy over 600 page book you think you will never get it done. Plus it took me about 80 pages before I was hooked on the book. By around 200 pages I didn't want to put it down. This story had me feel so many different emotions. Sometimes I laughed at some of the parts, I smiled, I got mad, and yes I broke down and cried.

The way Stephenie Meyer tells a story within a story was great. The one character that is in this book this is one of the things she does. She tells about other planets she has been on and some of the things that happened while on that planet, and how she felt. As this character is telling the story it pulls you in (it reminds me of when my grandparents tell about the old days or when you are in camp or school listening to stories).

I loved most of the characters one or two of them I still don't really like but isn't that what makes a good book you end up having feelings about the characters. Luckily these characters are not main characters. I loved Uncle Jeb it is hard to describe his character, he is one who sits back and reserve's judgement until he has all of the facts, and he likes to ask questions so he learns the facts. He watches everything and is very persepective. 

I like the way she ended the book.  The way it ended can stand alone as it is, but it opened enough that if she wants to continue the story she can.  Which I hope she does.  

If you haven't picked up your copy I suggest you do this was a wonderful book to read. 

So that is all for now.  Next I will post the manga books I have read about 2 weeks ago.  Now I can try to read more manga and start Feast of fools.
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