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Well this is good that I did one last month and now one this month.  I have no promises since the holiday season are upon us but I really do have to make some kind of dent in my old list.   What is happening, I have already hit the sad  part of the holiday.  I know every year around December I get sad because I think the holiday gets to commercialized.  Now it is even starting earlier this year.  I can't believe the beginning of the week my clock radio woke me to Christmas music, people are already hanging up their decorations outside.  Yes I like Christmas decorations but can't they just wait one more day until Thanksgiving is over.  I feel like we jump right from Halloween into Christmas anymore.  

I have the next few days off so I really should do some cleaning in my house.  I know this morning I took about 1/2 hour just to clean of my dresser of some of the stuff that I keep piling there.  I have a ton more things to do but I am a very lazy person, and realize I get lazier and lazier.  I need to start getting motivated.  Wondering how I do that?  

On a bright side Harry Potter the movie is out, can't wait to see it.  We have plans to go Wednesday night I have good things about it :). 

Not much else happening except at work the training course is over for control-m.  They are still trying to go ahead and have us go live December 7th.  I think it is a mistake and should be pushed back a month.  But the few people that have mentioned it to the managers are told they are going live.  So I just keep my thoughts to myself.  (Well I do tell some of the other operators my thoughts).

Onto the books :) this is a partial list of what I read back in July 2009.

Book Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock - Loved this book. DJ's family was always big on football. Her Dad used to be a coach and her brothers used to play football. What happens when DJ has to coach Brian one of the high school football players. How will Brian accept being coached by a girl, and how does DJ feel about coaching him. What I found amazing about this book it covers one of the biggest problems that happens with families, friends, and relationships. The big word communications and talking. One of the amazing lines in this story is "When You Don't Talk, there's a lot of stuff that ends up not getting said".  I am so happy that this has a sequel to it to find out more about this family. (Now all I have to do is find it in my to be read pile) :D

Manga Gakuen Alice, Gaba Kawa, Magic Touch, and Make More Love and Peace
Gakuen Alice vol 5 - This is such a cute series. In this volume the school festival is still going on and there is a play that Luca is in. Something happens to the cast members and Mikan steps in. Luca just happens to be playing snow white who will Mikan have to play?Also at the end of the festival there is a dance. There is a saying that whoever dances the last dance will end up falling in love and being a couple. Who will Mikan dance with Natsumi, Luca or someone else. I love this series it makes me smile and laugh. I just love all of the characters. If you like this series I recommend that you read this volume. It is really cute :D

Make More Love and Peace vol 2 - Mature Content (Josei). Ayame and her police boyfriend Koichi are back again in vol 2. In one of the chapters there is a new girl that is starting to put the moves on Koichi which makes Ayame feel jealous and insecure. Then there are two side stories. One is about a librarian, and the other is about a girl that has a scar on her face.

Gaba Kawa - This was really cute. I love all of the chibi in this. Rara a demon has finally been able to go to human world where she thinks she can finally meet the demon that she admires so much. On her first day she meets Resu a very hot guy. All sorts of things happen to Rara she is not the most graceful demon and seems to get in all sorts of trouble.  If you like Rie Takada stories I suggested reading this. The only complaint I had was I wished it was longer.

Magic Touch vol 2 Cute Series. In this volume Chiaki meets her brothers mentor Ohnuki he makes me laugh the way he treats Chiaki and her brother. I like the relationship between Yosuke and Chiaki in this volume they are both making new steps in becoming a couple. Chiaki makes me smile with how shy and uncomfortable she feels around Yosuke sometimes. But when it comes to his back she just wants to give him a massage.

She's All That -  Whenever this movie comes on I just have to sit and watch it.

Gakuen Alice all 26 episodes.  I brought this anime it is all subbed but I loved it.  I loved it as much as the books. It is a really cute.  It reminds me of Kodocha.

Well that is all for now.  Maybe later this week I will post again the rest of July.  If not I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving!
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