September 24th, 2017


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Just a realy quick update only because I just watched Hospital Ship Episodes 15 and 16.

Back when I first started watching drama's I had posted about Secret Garden Back in August 30th 2012 (when I used to update regularly :))  Below is what I had to say.
"Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss (I have watched 2 times now), Soulmates, Coffee Prince, Princess Hours (Goong) and now Secret Garden. Which I finished at 2:00 this morning.   When it was over not that I want to give any spoilers but I really did not like his Mom, I still want to kick her in the pants and tell her to grow up.  It has been a long time since I have felt like this about a character. "

I still feel this way about the mother that played in Secret Garden how I didn't like her and wanted to kick her.  I have seen this actress in different drama's since then and I like her acting.  She always pulls feelings out of me.

Now I am watching Hospital Ship and the actress Ha Ji-Won and Park Jun Keum are in it (not related at all in Hospital Ship) actually Park Jun Keum is playing the mother of another doctor and she is nicer in this drama.  They just had a scene with Ha Ji-Won and Park Jun Keum and I still have those old feelings of how she treated the character (Kim Ra IM) in Secret Garden at first I was like be nice don't be mean, and by the end of the scene I was saying of course to the computer.  This is how you should of acted to Kim Ra Im in Secret Garden not the way you did, because she was nice to her!.

It makes me happy that I can see another drama with both actress in it.  I am not sure if I watched Secret Garden again if it would change my opinion of her character I probably will still want to kick her!  But it is nice to see them act togher in a different way :)

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Since I did a post earlier today about Hospital Ship I figured I should make a quick update of what has been happening, kdramas and Kpop.

You may have noticed my previous pictures for some books and drama's have disappeared, not sure if I will ever try to re-create them.  Photobucket decided to change their policy and not let picture go on third party sites.  (I don't know if you pay the monthly price if you can still use it but I know the free accounts you can't).  So most of my pictures of books and kdrama's are now not showing up.   My daughter told me to try another site not sure if it will work or not.  So I will try one in this post.

My car had to inspected this monthy and it cost about 800 dollars with have to put breaks on it.  It will not pass inspection because of the stupid passenger side windshield wiper is not working correctly.  Now I am hoping that someone can fix it this week so my car passes inspection.

Also really worried about Health insurcane for my daughter.  She is dropped off next week since she is now 26.  I am trying to sign her up for medicaid/medicare but not sure if they will let her.  So I may have to check the market place, or do cobra.  Cobra is so expensive but at least I would have a piece of mind and have another month to figure it out.

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I did finish one romacebook called Legend.  It as okay to read the story had a twist to it thatI hadn't seen coming.  But I think they spend to much time in the past and the endig felt rushed.

Well it is way past my bed time. I will update later about everything with the pool and other things.