February 11th, 2017

Hana Kimi

Happenings, Kdrama, Movies

I keep saying I will update with the drama's I have watched then I forget.  I was part of two forums were I would update what I was currently watching now one of them is shutting down.  I feel bad that the site is shutting down.  As I said before I like to go back in posts and see what I have watched and when.  I do keep a list but my pc broke a little while ago, and I haven't had time to try and get my older documents.  So I am going to post the list of the drama's I have watched up until now, and currently watching, and I am thinking when I update the one forum I will just copy the information here then I will be current :).  Also if that site shuts down and something happens to my document again I will have the information.

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I'll come back and update some of the variety shows I have watched and Kpop :( which I am sad since I found out L.Joe is not renewing with Teen Top.