January 5th, 2013

Hana Kimi

Happenings and K-drama's

It has been awhile since I posted. I  hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays!
With the holiday's I didn't have a lot going on.   Didn't read any books this past month but then again in December I usually don't get a chance because of getting ready for the holidays.   I haven't gotten my reading list together in a while so I can't even post the amount that I read last year.  Which wasn't even close to what I usually read.  Sad but I guess that what happens when you get another interest and are obsessed with it. 

So my obsession with Kdrama's is still on going :), and with the band CNBLUE (there is something about them that I just really like their music).  I have brought their albums through ITunes and listen to them everyday. 

Running Man
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KDramas and T-drama
Still Obsessed with Heartstrings, so I have gone back and re-watched most of it skimming through the parts I didn't care if I show again.  I also got Coffee Prince for Christmas so I have re-watched the first 9 episodes.

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So maybe my  next post could have a book or two, but mostly it will end up having more Kdramas :) Sorry!