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Life another chapter

As you get older you realize everything in life is like a chapter in a book.   One chapter ends and another begins.  Sometimes in the chapter only a character leaves.  That is how I fell today.  It was one of my co-workers last day at work.   2 years ago he was laid off, along with many others and only a few of us went to the company that had been spit.  He  later joined us in the new company since we could use him and he still hadn't found work.  Now today he goes off to another job.  It is just sad when you have worked with someone for many years and they leave.  Yes you have all intentions of staying in touch.  Through email or go to lunch/dinner etc.  But it starts out that way for a few months but then you start getting in touch later and later.   I am one of the few people that try to make the effort the first few months but then I stop when it gets cancel or they don't respond.  Luckily one of my best friends they do the extra and keep in touch whenever they are in town.  (since they live out of state, I only see them when they come in or every 5 years it seems I go out there).  It is sad to reflect on how many of your friends/relatives even acquaintances that you have had over the years and how I let them just slip away.  Not only am I thinking of how I will miss him and the others that I don't see that often,  I am also thinking of my childhood friends how I don't know where they are, and how they are doing.   It  just seems sad.  But as time goes on new people come and go into your live and that is just part of how live is.   Then new chapters begin.


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