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Well it has been awhile since I have done any book updates.  I think last October it was, and I haven't posted the books I read from May on up to this year.

So since I am going to try and get somewhat organized (Yeah right like that is going to happen).  I figured I would post some here and there just to get the books out of the bin on a shelf or put away in the basement.   It could be I post a lot to get it caught up or I could go back to my lazy ways and not post anything.  We'll have to see how well I do.

So here are the books, manga, yaoi and movies from end of May 2009

Books (Gone,  Lovesick)
Gone by Michael Grant  - Loved it. This book was amazing. I just finished it and I am on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen in the next book.

This book is about a town where everyone over the age of 15 disappears. While they are trying to figure out what went wrong they realize some of the kids that are left have actual powers. All kinds of different powers from sparks shooting out of your hands, running fast, disappearing, moving objects, being stronger, and the power to heal, that is only a little bit of some of the powers that have been developed.

In this book you end up having different groups wanting to take charge. It is a battle between two different sides. Then add to it animal's that have mutated some their physical appearance have changed like they now have wings, or webbed feet, and some can even talk.

They are all now in the world called Fayz. If you want to read a book that keeps you your toes and wondering who will win, and who may disappear at any moment since they will turn 15. This is a book for you.

Note: The next two books are out already Hunger and Lies book 4 will be out next year Plague. I really have to read book two!

Lovesick by Jake Coburn - I enjoyed Lovsick. It wasn't what I was expecting from the book. This book is about two kid heading off to college, and they both have big issues. Ted is approached by Erica's father that he would help pay for Ted college if he would report back on Erica. Both Ted and Erica have issues one is an alcoholic and the other likes to purge. This is a story where they are both trying to overcome their addiction. Can they overcome their addictions, will they be able to fit in at College, will they meet. You would have to read the book if you want to find out.

Manga (Your and my Secret, After School Nightmare)
Your and My Secret vol 2 - I like Your and My Secret.  This is cute.  In this series if you don't know about, because of an accidental experiment the boy and girl switch bodies. Akira Uehara a boy is now in Nanako Momoi a girl's body.  And Nanako Momoi the girl is now in Akira Uehara a boy body.

In this volume you can tell they are both more comfortable with their personalities being in the new bodies. Since Nanako is more violent, and Akira is more sensitive. The friends and them go on a little vacation on this vacation it seem like there friends are starting to fall for them in their new bodies. Also Shina's brother is in this he cracks me up. Shina is Nanako best friend.  Her brother is over protective of Shina plus he doesn't get along with Nanako normally.  But now that Akira is in Nanako body it looks like the brother is starting to have a different opinion of her. 

After School Nightmare vol 8 - LOVE THIS SERIES. Love this series. There is so much that happens in this volume between Mashiro and Sou. Just paging through it again makes me smile.  In this volume Mashiro is willing to be with Sou.  Which leads to more problems with his sister Ai.  Kureha returns from vacation does this make it harder for her being around Mashiro.  I just love all of the twists and turns in this story.  Two more books and the serious is over. Sad (it is really hard not to give spoilers when I love this series)

Yaoi Novel 

The Lonely Egotist by Hikaru Masaki - I liked this book. It has been awhile since I read it. But I remember enjoying reading it. This story is about Minami Kasuga who an employer that helps plan the interiors for hotels. Shinya Asakura is the client that is building Love Hotels. Will these two fall for each other while working together. I remember Asakura meeting Minami at some of his other Love Hotels to check out the interior. Does Asakura really just want to show him the Interior or other things. I enjoyed the story and love the artwork. The artwork is by one of my favorite mangaka Masara Minase.

Bride Wars - I enjoyed this. But it did make me sad that two best friends could actually of acted that way to one another.  But some of the things they did to each other made me smile. 

Star Trek - Yep went to the movies and saw this.  It was really good.  The geek in me came out.  It was interesting to see how they all met in the beginning.

Role Models - This one made me laugh. I don't think these guys are role models at all :)

Okay well that is all for May 2009.  Hopefully sometime in the near future I will do June of 2009 ;)

Oh by the way everything should be okay with the Taxes.  I talked to my sister and the place that is doing the audit is for the borough.  We live in a different township.  They are taking over the Borough taxes.  I called and told them what township I was in and they said they would send me a notice saying I didn't have to have the audit.  This made me really happy.  Now I am just waiting for the paperwork from them.  
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