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Manga Black Cat, Inubaka, Be with You and Yakuza in Love

 Wow it's been about two weeks since I last posted.  I have been really busy with work these past two weeks.  Staying late,  have issues connecting at night (to work).  I am reading The Host but I seem to only get a few pages in here and there.   (It's a big book) so it is hard to carry around.  Needless to say I have read a few manga.  That is because they fit in my purse so I can take them anywhere.  And they read fast.  

I will do two seperate posting so as not to bore anyone.  Plus then I can get back to reading The Host.   Now my problem is I have two other books Feast of Fools that I have been waiting for, and the next book in the fairefolk trilogy.  I wish there where more hours in the day.  Some for work,  sleeping, cleaning and then reading.  I need a good 3 or 4 hours added in a day. 

Manga read Black Cat, Inubaka,  and Be with You

Black Cat Volume 12 - In this volume Train starts out as a little kid.  They have gone to meet with Dr. Tearju to see if there is anyway to make him bigger.  I enjoy the black cat series.  Train makes me laugh.   Dr. Tearju looks exactly like Eve.  Kyoko has found another litte cat that is so cute.   I will not give anything else away.  I enjoy all of the characters in this book.  Can you tell I'm a little behind.  Since 14 volumes are out already.

Inubaka vol 7 -  Still love this series.  The dogs are so cute in this.  We have a new employee that starts at Woofles and needless to say everything doesn't seem right with her.   Poor Suguri I kinda feel bad for her.  She realizes that the boss doesn't look at her in any special way except as a klutz and someone he needs to look after.

Be With You -  This is based of a novel.  I loved this story.  It made me want to cry.  The little boy is so cute.  The father tries so hard.  It is amount the Mom who passes away, and says she will return in the rainy season.  When it rains she returns but doesn't remember anything.  The Father and boy tell her about the way they met and some of the things she used to do.  It is a very sweet story.   I would recommend this story to anyone that likes bitter sweet stories.

Yaoi Manga Yakuza in love
Yakuza in Love vol 1 - This story confused me a little with some of the characters and who is working for who.  But the main character makes me laugh. Everyone thinks he is touch, but he has never handled a gun before,  he doesn't know how to fight.  He is the boss backup but yet he can't protect him.   It seems to be only Luck that has gotten him into the position he has now.   Looking forward to reading volume 2 to see what else he is up to.

Well that is all for now.  I will write up the other manga that I read at a later time.
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