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Why does everything end up turning into project?


I know with everything going on in the US that it still isn't really that hard to get a passport unless you can't find the things you need.

So far we have had to go get our pictures taken.  Not to bad except my son's picture had to be taken a few times at the place since the light was acting strange on his picture.  Then we where told that you need photo Id's.  Yes we have them all of us.  I have a license and my kids have state issued id's.  But wait my son's has expired.  Now we had to go and get that renewed since we know there is no time for him to get his license with a picture.

Now I have been looking for my Daughter and My birth certificates and they are not where I always kept them.  Now I have no clue where they are. 

So I have placed an order for the birth certificates.  (Plus an extra, in case we have to send them anywhere).  This is starting to get more and more expensive.  I told my Son if this keeps up we may have to wait until next year to go to Niagara Falls.  

I have already asked off for the week of August 9th and the one lady I back up has Monday off so the boss has asked her to move it.  Which I feel bad for but she has all of the next week off, and she has taken throughout the month of August either a Monday or Friday of each week.

I really have to make reservations but at this rate I am glad I haven't since I am not sure I will get our passports sent out and back before August 9th.  (plus at the way my luck has been going why do I think they will be coming back for more information or something like that).

Why did it seem so easy to say lets get a passport and it is taking so long to do.  (I should of listen to my son who told me to do this 2 weeks ago).  Now I am panicking and have no clue why.  At least the good part is once you get one you have it for 10 years before you have to get another one.

Side Note my AC is in the window we got one that barely fit and according to the demsions of my room it is the right size 6000 BTU's.  But if I don't turn it on about an hour before I go to my room, then my room is still like an oven.  It takes awhile for this to cool it off.  Unlike my 10,000 which had it cooled off in about 15 minutes.  

I have realized I am exactly a year behind with posting on Books. I may of posted about books up until almost November but it was the books I had read last April.  So I have a year's worth of books to post about.  Hangs head.  I am such a procrastinator. Oh well maybe I will get up in the attic and start pulling out some of the books from last year of the next few weeks.

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