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Sad more Manga publishers disappearing.

It was at the beginning of this year that Go Comi! announced they where having problems with publishing.  That they may have to shut down the forum and eventually the website.  Which a few weeks ago happened.  So I guess they are gone since the don't have a website to update anyone on what is going on.

Now today I hear that DC Comics is going to close down CMX manga in July.  They are not going to acquire anymore new titles.  As far as what will happen with the old titles they are still working on this.

I love my manga and after the last few years with publishers disappearing it make me wonder why do I spend so much money on a series that may disappear.  If I wait until the series is complete then I end up missing a volume.  It is not fun missing a volume in a series, whether it be in the beginning , middle or the end.

I know we have all picked on Drama Queen and didn't trust them since they kept trying to come back, but at least they kept trying.  Not sure if they will make it but at least they  have another book coming out.  At least to me it feels like they love what they where doing and want to make it work.

Other's have just closed altogether Brocolli books (boysenberry), CPM (Be Beautiful), ADV,  Ice Kunion (at least Yen Press rescued most of those titles), I know there are others.  Then you have some like Aurora publishing (Deux, Luv Luv) that I think are up for sale, and what is Udon up to?

Even the heavy hitters like Tokyopop had to do a cut back last year and some titles have not been around since for then,  Viz just had layoffs. 

I keep wondering why they are not getting more into the online thing.  Not sure how well it is doing but they could still maintain their license and sell chapters cheaper then the books.  I don't know much about publishing but I would think it would be cheaper to have stuff online then to close all together.  

I'm sitting here thinking of all of these poor people that have lost their jobs.  It is sad. 

I just feel sad all around for the employees, the authors (if they get any of the money from sales over here), the companies, and for us the consumers.   It affects everyone of us. 

I guess I am done ranting and heading to bed.  Sorry everyone.  Just sad at the whole thing.


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