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It seems like all I ever post about anymore is frustrating things.   When I should be posting about good things.

Good things the roof is fixed, new windows in.  Ceiling is no longer leaking.

Irratating things (Local tax.  Since I was a contractor they didn't take any local tax out, plus add that with my severance and yes that is a nice bill to be paid).

CAR!!!! Okay everyone knows I had car troubles.  I took it in since when I went to start it sometimes it was acting like it wasn't going to start.  They put in a new battery, did not fix it.  They put in a new fuel pump did not fix it.  Found out that it was the fuel pump regulator well that fix that problem.  But then the service engine light was on.   So I took it back again yesterday and today they put a new part in which supposively fixed it. 

NOPE NOT FIX WORSE!!! Now when I start it (yes it starts) but when I put my foot on the gas to start going it hestiates, then it makes a popping noise.   After driving it for 10 minutes then the service engine light came on again!!  So now I have tried to call the mechanic which I assume have gone home for the day.  So now I will have to try again tomorrow.  (I am finally not happy about the whole situation with my car)!

The only upside is they have not charged me since the fuel pump.  They did charge me the battery, and the fuel pump (which those two together was over a thousand dollars).  But the fuel pump regulator and the part they put on today they did not charge me.  (So I guess I am happy that they are not charging me, but I am not happy that it is still not fixed).

Done with my ranting for now.  Hoping next week it will be better (but I am sure I will still be frustrated until my car is fix and tax time is over).

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