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Heavy Sigh Stupid pc virus's again.

I really hate virus's on the pc.  All they do is take all of your time away to try and fix the horrible things.  I was doing pretty good with them for a little while if I got one I would just use the system restore from the previous day and they went away.  But I have tried using the one from Sunday, Saturday, Friday and Thursday.  Saturday's seemed okay until another one came on my pc.  One time I was in facebook with the first one,  then the second one I was just scrolling down in livejournal.  Not that I blame either of the site's it is just a pain.

So then I tried to restore back to Saturday again, now I ran the scans and it found 3.  Heavy sigh.  I did to try and restore back to the beginning of February where I know there wasn't any virus's.  I am thinking about getting McaFee or Norton for this pc (well Norton 360 I don't have to buy since I just did a few days ago for my son's pc).  Because it seems what ever I have is not working to stop them from coming.  I was really happy Monday because I was less then 10 days behind.  Then I played with the virus's all night last night and starting again tonight.   (the system did delete it so it says, but it had somethings called backdoor trap that it left alone that kinda scares me).  Also when I boot up now I am getting some kind of ddbaww.dll missing error.  Looked it up and it said it was most likely a virus that got deleted so I getting an error since it couldn't find it.

I would try to start from scratch and restore my system but this was the pc that the company let me keep when I got laid off and I don't have the software of most of the applications to put them back on.  So I would hate to start from scratch and lose my applications.  Especially in case my old boss asks me to still help with the backups. 

I already have a hard drive but I don't think it is big enough.  I may have to go and buy a bigger one so I can backup my files, my pictures, my music so if I have to start from scratch I again. 

Just wondering if I should try another date prior to Thursday or if I am just wasting my time :(

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