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Snowing again!!

Everyone is going to get sick of seeing my posts about it snowing.

Unless you live under a rock if  you are on the East Coast you know it is snowing again.  Even worse then on Saturday.  How do people that live in area's that get a lot of snow get used to it.

I have to apologize to my groups that I am getting behind again.  I don't know what happened to me Monday night but I was in bed by 8:00pm and slept off and on most of the night.  Then on Tuesday night went to bed by 11:35pm and got up at 4:00am to shovel.  (Yes 4:00am) in case our building was opened.   I left for work at 5:55am.  (giving myself extra time to get in). Not that I needed it since the roads where plowed good and wet down in K OF P.  But as the day progressed and the storm got worse I think the roads got worse.  The Tv doesn't work at work.

So long story short (Yes to late for that now) :)   I got to work by 6:30 am.  My boss said the building was closed.  Yes I drove in for nothing, they hadn't updated the phone message to say we where closed.  Any way my boss talked to me and the 2 guys on nightshift about staying at the hotel next door, so all 3 shift where covered.  So they came over and slept while I worked.  Now here I am in a hotel room. 

I am really happy I brought my laptop because the tv is not working to well since it is a dish and of course with it snowing the dish is covered.

I'm sure I will not be able to keep my eye opened much longer.  I am starting to feel the effect of to little sleep from last night.

Hopefully in the next few days when the snow settles, we are buried out  I will be able to do my plan and get caught up.  (almost done reading January group posts).  :)

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