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Okay if you live on the East Coast you know it is snowing and we are suppose to be getting a lot of snow.

On one hand since it is the weekend I should have off and enjoy it.  Just sitting back in the house relaxing (yes there is shoveling to do), reading, watching tv and just taking it easy.

But since I am suppose to work tomorrow I have that worry hanging over my head tonight.  Will I be able to get to work, will the roads be cleared,  will the snow be done for me to try.  If I don't go am I leaving the poor guy on 3rd shift stuck,  plus if I go and the 2nd shift doesn't come in does that leave me stuck.

I know I should just be enjoying watching the snow but these are my worries at the moment.  You notice how I don't write driving.  I don't mind driving if no one gets on my bumper and stays way behind me and I stay way behind the other guy.   I just put the car in 4 wheel drive, put half decent music on (something I want to hear that will take my mind off the road), and take my time.

Heavy sigh never mind the fact that I will have to get up at least 1/2 hour to an hour earlier to shovel. 

I really shouldn't complain this is the really first big storm we have had in a while.  Just hoping it stops before the morning so I don't have to worry about it.

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