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really behind livejournal. Made decision, and miscellaneous happenings

Sorry gang whenever I think I am getting caught up in Live journal something comes up.  I was actually only 10 days behind reading the posts. 

But things  came up again.  Had to clean a path in the attic or so I thought.  The roof is leaking again so my Dad had a roofer come out . Yep it's the roof that is leaking. (if we would of just check the roof in the 1st place then I wouldn't of had all that time in Oct/Nov with getting my room cleared up for the windows.  And putting in new windows that we may not of needed). Anyway the past two days getting the room ready for the roofer in case he needed to go into the attic. 

I had off today and now I just got called to go to work 3rd shift tonight.  So I am going to be even more behind :(   One of these days I hope I get all caught up!!

Once I get caught up with reading all of the posts then I will start posting the books I have read from previous months.  I think it goes back to April or May time frame.

I did just finish Beauty Pop the series volume 10 the other day and loved the last volume will post more on it later.  (great series if you never read it).

Also recently finished two really good Young Adult books that I really didn't want to put down.  Hush Hush and Perfect Chemistry.  I will go more into details later about them.  (but very good books!!)

The other thing I got caught up in the last few days was watching Lov Com the anime.  I even cried during one of the episodes.  I have watched 1 - 18.  Just have a few more to go.  So of course since I saw the anime I had to pick up and read some more of the manga.  This is another series I love.

I did make a decision to try the HMO.  What's the worst that happens, next open enrollment I pick PPO. :) Also had to sign my daughter up for a new doctor since she is now 18.  I have to pay 20 dollars to get her old records copied and moved over to the new doctor.  The good thing is I am also go to switch to this doctor since I really like her.  So I will be getting a much needed physical.

Don' t want to set a goal but hopefully I will get caught up in the next week!! I really don't like being this far behind :( (but at least it is better then the 20 days I was behind last week)!

Okay off to bed.  Hoping I can sleep some before work tonight!


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