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Total books read, Windy Cold and tired


IT is windy, cold and howling outside.  Last night it almost sounded like a baby crying but that could of been just the noise of the wind and my imagination from the last book I read with the baby crying at night.  But I know it was really loud.  Now it sounds like a whistle outside. Brr it is cold and I should go out and undecorate but just the thoughts make me shiver!  I will switch my thoughts :D

So I haven't really posted anything that I read or watched since I think October (just as I had it all figured out how to get caught up for the year) the window issue happened.  So all of the books I read that I need to post have been up in the attic for all of this time.  Plus with the holiday I just didn't have time (which everyone can relate to).

I keep a list of the total Books, Manga, Yaoi, Yaoi novels and romance.  I did this last year also and realized I read way less this year then last year.  Strange but I guess I had more time to read or something.  (plus the last month I have been on facebook alot and got hooked on bejeweled which has taken up my extra time.  Really have to stay away from it LOL) .

So here is the total of the books I read this year vs the books last year (note this is physical books I own not online reading)

Books (Young adult) 2009=30         2008=38    (young adults could include other books that are not ya)
Manga                          2009=100      2008=168
Yaoi                              2009=19         2008=48
Yaoi Novel                   2009=5           2008=8
Romance                    2009=(still reading)  2008=2  (I started reading one back in August and still haven't finished it. But it is good.

Grand total 2009=154             Grand total 2008=264

Wondering if 2010 I can do somewhere in between since that is a big difference in numbers.  Over a 100 books less then the previous year.  (Yes I include manga a books :))

I didn't total up the movies and anime in the last years.  But I think I watched more movies in 2009 then I did in 2008, and I watched less anime in 2009 then I did in 2008.  (which reminds me I'm upset my DVD recorder hit 98% and stopped taping Nana I had only watched 6 episodes and it had deleted all but the last 3) NOT Happy.  (I guess I should just go and buy it since I enjoyed watching it).

Oh well maybe sometime this week I can start reading again and start my new list for 2010.  I will be back sometime in January to start posting the actual names of all of these wonderful Books, and Manga that I read.

Here is hoping 2010 is better then last year for everyone. 
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