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Not really anything just ranting. Don't move my things

I can't believe how aggravated I am at the moment. I know it is little and I probably have no right to feel this way. They finally put my windows in yesterday. After I had moved everything in my room. (most of it is still up in the attic). To come home today and know that someone was in my room moving things. Yes I am bad and have somethings under furniture. Some books and containers. But I got home from work and the stuff that was under the furniture (where I know where it is) is out next to the furniture.

I know it was my Dad that had to of done it since the heater vents are behind this furniture but I have never had a problem with heat in my room. Actually he keeps this house so hot I end up closing some of the vents. (Since my bedroom is up top the heat rises). It just is bothering me that he actually went through my things.

Yes I see my Yaoi novels must of fallen because I had them upside down and in a idffernt order now then are all face up and in a different order. Now I just noticed he put some of them in a bag I had next to my chair. Not happy at this moment. I don't go rummaging through his room. I put the light from the living room, and the coffee table in there because we where decorating for Christmas but I did not go through anything.

Since this is his house do I have the right to be upset about this?

(Of course you know I will end up moving everything back) just because that is where I store it and it has been stored there since I moved in 9 years ago.

Okay done rant. Eventually I will get back to the December Meme. I was looking for photos yesterday since that is what is next and haven't found one's I want to post. (Knowing me it will be January before I get done).

On another note they talked to me about maybe finally being hired full-time in January. It was odd they actually asked me what price I was looking for. I have never had that happen before usually when I get hired they tell me what the salary for the position is. So it was hard for me to talk to them. After talking to a few people I went with the approach this is what I made working with them so far this year including overtime, and this is what I made at my last company. Since I was new to this and never had to do this before they are the two figures, I have. So know we will have to see what they come back with :)
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