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Just ranting about me being lazy!

Why am I so lazy?

I am suppose to be moving everything in my room at this moment. My Dad is getting new windows installed in my room (since the one is leaking). And I have to move everything away from the window so they can take measurements either tomorrow or Friday. Then come up with a date to install the windows.

If you would see what a mess my room is. Mainly tons of books all over the place, In stacks, in bins. And not to mention my clothes that have no home because I try to keep everything out (I don't put summer clothes away vs winter). They are just in bins and laying all over the place.

Not to mention the paperwork all over (Head desk!!!)

Then there is the whole moving my desk out of the way (since it is right in front of the window. (that means disconnecting phones, computers all sorts of things. Once I move everything I don't know if I will want to put it back until after the windows are installed. I keep trying to figure out a way to re-arrange so my desk can still be setup without the hassel, of having everything apart for days on end.

So since I haven't done a post this week,  the stack of books I have to post will be stuffed in the attic I don't know when I will be able to post.  (Already getting behind with my plan).  hmm I guess I better label the bags when I put them in the attic or bin what is what otherwise I will have a bigger mess to deal with.

I know if  you are on Michelle Minions you read this already sorry.  Just ranting and pushing off what I need to do.  Heavy sigh!

I think I better start with the dirty clothes and the huge yaoi piles next to my desk.  Don't want to be embarrased when the guy comes with dirty clothes or  my stack of yaoi :)

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