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I am one of those people that seem to get caught up in things.  I was avoiding facebook.  Had an account for a few years just never really looked at it. It was only for my daughters one friend.  Then last week my old boss told me he found someone we used to work with on it.  So I went out and friended him.   Now I have friended a few other friends and have been talking to them at night.  I can see how people get caught up in facebook.  Not sure if I will continue going out everyday or not.  It's almost like a new toy.  Only thing is people play games and do quizzes unless one of my friends already did it I have no clue how they are finding them :)

This is sorta like when I joined Goodreads I was out there everyday seeing what books people where reading, adding my books (still have a ton of manga to add that I had read.  And now I am a month or two behind.  Plus I haven't really updated what books I have read.  But that is going to change since I am now up to the one's that I have read to post and haven't commented on in Goodreads :).

Bruce Concert
I said I would be back to tell everyone how it was.  Great as usual.  I love him in concert he puts so much energy in them and gets the crowds involved. He amazes me when he was younger he used to leap from the stange into the crowd and hope they would catch him (they always did).  Now he is crowd surfing for a man in his 60's and an entertainer to crowd surf just blows my mind.    The concert I went to covered the album Darkness on the edge of Town.  A guy I work with went to all 4 concerts and said each one got better then the next.  The one I went to was the 2nd concert.  I think my hand where hurting for 2 days after clapping so much.  (only thing I didn't do was stand and dance like I always do).  Where we where sitting no one was ahead of us, and my sister feet where hurting, my brother in law didn't feel well, and a lady I work with I'm not sure if she would of stood up with me.  So I leaned forward and danced in my seat.  :D  If you ever get a chance to see him in concert even if you don't like his music I would recommend you to go.  He is an outstanding performer when he is live!

Hmm I am now up to the month of May where I watched movies then read it seems.  Don't know how that happened. 

Books - Audrey Wait
Audrey Wait by Robin Benway - Enjoyed reading Audrey Wait. This book had me laughing out loud. This is a story of Audrey who breaks up with her boyfriend but when she is about to leave she hears him yell Audrey Wait. Of course she doesn't. Maybe if she had he wouldn't of written a song that turned her life upside down. She is being recognized as a celebrity wherever she goes and all she wants is to get back to her normal life. I love her friend in this story and how she is there for Audrey, I even loved her friends boyfriend. He doesn't say alot but most of the things I was laughing out loud with was from something he said. Plus the other favorite character that made me laugh was her fat cat.  In the book Audrey starts to like James one of her co-workers. You will have to read the book to find out do they get into a relationship or is everything to crazy in her life to have someone new in it.

Yaoi Manga Don't Blame Me
Don't Blame Me vol 2 - This is the 2nd volume for the story about Kaji and Nakamura.  In this volume Nakamura younger cousin Makoto shows up wondering why his cousin gave up on his dreams of making movies.  This volume flashes back to more stories of Kaji and Nakamura when they where dating and in the film club. It also has the friends from the film club a little older.  The girl from the fan club is such a great female in this story.  She makes me smile and laugh. 


Bedtime Stories - This was a cute movie with Adam Sandler and him telling bedtime stories to his niece and nephew.  Whatever the niece and nephew add to the story seems to happen the next day.  It makes made laugh the way he tries to work what he wants in and how it backfires.

Pride and Prejudice -  I had never seen this movie before it was a really good movie. I liked the pace and the characters.


Skip Beat - I went through watching all of Skip Beat on Crunch Roll.  I love Skip Beat. Kyoko makes me laugh.  You never know how she is going to react.  I really wished there was a 2nd season and not just 25 episodes. 

Okay I will be back later this week with another update.  I figured it out if I did 2 post a week I would get caught up by the end of the year.  Forgetting that I will have more books read by then.  Tthis should be a new year's resolution don't get so far behind. :)

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