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Manga Hone and Clover, Wild Ones, Skip Beat, S.A., Reborn, Love Com, Say please , and other yaoi

Okay I did it again saying I would post before my pile got to big.  Well it got a little big.    I didn't read any  other books yet.  I picked up my copy of the book   " The Host" and was afraid to start it during the work week, since I heard it was really good I was afraid I wouldn't get any sleep.  

For Mother's Day I requested we go out to Dinner and we did YUMM Red Lobster.  I had a really nice time.  
Then the other request for my kids was to finally watch Bleach DVD 9 and since I just picked up DVD 10.   So we had a bleach marathon,  vol 9 Saturday night and Vol 10 Sunday.   I love Bleach!!   Ichigo is my favorite and also Chad.  In these volumes there was alot of fighting and Ichigo fought Hichigo.   But I will not give anything else away in case you haven't seen it.   I already picked up my tickets to see the Bleach movie when it comes to Theatre's around here in June.  Can't wait to see it up on the big screen.   My Daughter and I also finish watching the Wallflower DVD 2,  I wanted to finish that up before the next one comes out.  So my Mothers day was a very enjoyable day.   (Note: I also go tickets for next week to see the Death Note movie.  I guess I better finish watching at least the first dvd or reading one of the manga.  Death Note most everyone knows something about it but I figured it doesn't hurt).  

Manga Honey and Clover, Wild Ones, Skip Beat, S.A, Reborn and Love Com

Honey and Clover vol 1 -  I loved this series.  It wasn't like anything I expected.  The girl looks a little young so the one guy is always taking picture's of her pretending she is a fairy on a website.  It is so funny him chasing her around to have her pose with something like a Mushroom, big leaf.  Also the college boys are cracking me up.   It seems all they think about is food (especially meat). I like Takamoto the sophomore who has just moved in he seems like he cares about everyone.  I laughed alot during this volume.  I am really looking forward to th e next volume. 

Wild Ones vol 2 -  I forgot how much I liked this series.  This is about Sachie who loses her mother and goes to live with her grandfather who is the head of the Yakuza.  The way the guys follow her around so she doesn't get hurt makes me laugh.  I like her and Rakuto together.  He is popular in school and her age but he is also part of the gang and her protecter.   

Skip Beat vol 11 -  I still love this series.  It hasn't gotten old to me yet.   In this volume Ren is having problems with acting.   He seems to be having some kind of issue with the part he is now trying to play.  I love Kyoko she is funny and I think she can act really well.  The part where she is dressed up like a chicken and Ren tries to take the head off cracked me up.  I know I have volume 12 sitting here.  Many other series to read but I am sure I will read 12 before 13 comes out.  (I will make sure of it)

S.A vol 3 - This is such a great series.  They try to go on vacation during summer break.  Kei has some issues with some of the guys checking Hikari out.   These guys want to beat up Kei for being with her.  In another part while on vacation they have to look out for a little cousin who makes them each pretend to be someone. Poor Hikari has to pretend to be the family dog.Also in this series Hikari is still trying to deal with being told by Yahiro that Kei actually loves her.  She doesn't believe him at all.   

Reborn vol 3 -  I still have ways to go to catch up to volume 7.  I really enjoy this crazy series.   I am told more and more wacky characters are added.  The field day cracked me up with Tsuna having to be on top of the pole and not fall off.   For some reason they think Tsuna team cheats so the other two teams gang up against his team.  Of course it becoming total chaos.  Also introduced in this volume is I-Pin who when gets mad enough will explode.  Of course the guys try to prevent this from happening or they try to run away.   It is very fun to read and see what stupid thing reborn is going to do Tsuna next. 

Love Com vol 5 - I love this series.   They are so cute.   Risa is still dealing with the after affects of telling Atsushi she likes him.  In one part she is telling him to forget anything happen and let still be friends.  The next minute she is telling him she doesn't want him to forget, and she hopes eventually he will fall for her.     Also in this volume Risa gets mixed signals from Atsushi like for Valentines he says he wants chocalates from her and she takes it to mean it is okay to give him one that means she likes him.  What he really thought of was one for just friendship.   Atsushi doesn't even realize when he is doing and saying nice things to her she thinks he is starting to care for her. These two are such good friends and get along so well.  I love them together. 

Yaoi Manga/Novels Say Please, Love Training, The manwho doesn't take of his clothes.

Love Training - This was a cute volume.  It has a couple different stories.  The first one is about Koji who goes to the most privaleged boys school and meets one of his new step brothers, who ends up having a thing for him.   I liked all of the stories in this volume.

Say Please -  I LOVE Kano Miyamoto stories.  Her stories always seem so close to real life, and the way people act.  This story is about Sakura and Ryoichi.  Ryoichi works at male brothel and Sakura pays him for a night to stay with him.  As things keep going he ends up asking him to stay with him for a week.  Sakura is a teacher in an all girls school so he tries to keep what he does in his personal life private.   I just really like how they talk and start to care about each other.   The last story in this is about Ryuu and Stephen who is a foreinger.   Ryuu character is also in the Rulses Universe under the Hydra area.   I wish all of the Rules Universe would be publish and not parts here and there.  

The Man who doesn't take off his clothes Vol 1 and Vol 2 (novels) - Now I am going to admit I am bad.  I wasn't going to start "The Host" since I didn't want to lose sleep so I thought I will start a Yaoi Novel I can put that down.  Okay NO I couldn't.  I got all hooked up in volume 1 and couldn't put it down, then since I had volume 2 I just had to finish that one.  I read both of them over the span of 3 days.  (of course I did have to go to work and get some sleep).  These novels are about Kaitani who works in a cosmetic company and his boss section Chief Fujiwara.  It goes into how Kaitani doens't like his boss, the things he doesn't like about him.   Fujiwara is always talking down to him and telling him to clean up his appearance.   Kaitani wants to have a dragon design approved for the bottle they are making for a product and Fujiwara will not listen.  It is actually the first thing that has actually made Kaitani want to work harder and find out the information for this to come about.  Since Fujiwara will not listen Kaitani tries to blackmail him.  In the process they start to care for each other.  I liked in these volumes how Kaitani actually grows up and starts to take steps to better himself and his work habits because of his boss.  

Well that is all for now.   I won't say it anymore about trying to post before the pile gets to big since it just doesn't seem to happen.  (believe it or not most of these I had read already and just didn't post in the last post)
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