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I'm so excited I get to go see Bruce Springstein in concert tomorrow night. I love seeing him in concert he puts on such a great show. Today on the radio they where playing a block of Bruce which I loved. My kids on the other hand where not happy and kept trying to change the radio station.

I'm also baffled. This is about the publisher Drama Queen. Everytime there is a hint that they might be coming back to life I get excited. Last year around this time they said they would be shipping by Christmas. Of course that never happened. Now it is a year later we haven't heard anything, plus I think they are losing some of the titles they had. I know one has already been picked up by June. So now I have read on someone site that Drama queen is having a *rebirth sale*. Yes if you go to their website it actually has that on the top of the screen. Plus they are thanking everyone who stayed by them and asks everyone to continue with their cyber love and to look forward to 2010. Now does this mean they are going to make a come back or not. Should I get my hopes up of finally getting some of the titles I have been looking forward to, or should I just look at it as maybe they are trying to get rid of their inventory. As I said I am baffled.

After these 5 manga  April books will be done. Yeah heading into May :)

Manga Skip Beat, Goong, Comic, Very Very Sweet, and Three in Love
Note there could be spoilers in a series so if you haven't read the series or not as far please do not read. I do try not to put spoilers in but sometimes to explain what happened in the book they are spoilers.

Skip Beat vol 17 - In this volume we have Kyoko meeting up with Reino again and this time Ren comes to the rescue.
Also Kyoko is starting to get other offers for shows but they all seem to be for the same bully character she has played in Dark Moon. Should she take up the offers or turn them down. She is trying to make a decision in this. At the end of the volume there is a new actor in town and Kyoko has been asked to put on the famous pink jumpsuit for the Love Me section again and assist this guy. Will these two get along or not. You'll have to read to find out :)

Goong vol 4 - Enjoying this series. In this volume Yul gives Chae-Kyung a puppy. Shin is not really happy about it. They also have their spring festival and Shin and Chae-Kyung are giving a puppy show when the theatre starts to fall apart, also Shin has eggs thrown at him when they in front of a big crowd. Wondering who maybe behind these happenings. Also in this volume Shin prepares to go away for a month. Will Chae-Kyung go with him or does she stay back at the palace. You would have to read this series to find out the answer to some of these questions.

Comic vol 5 -
Daria decides to have a Birthday party for herself and of course she invites everyone. Including Patrick and Alice.
In this volume I was upset with some of the events that happened. Will Daria be able to get between Patrick and Alice. You will have to the series to find out.

Very Very Sweet vol 1 - This was a cute book. This is about a Boy Tsuyoshi that is shipped off to Korea by his strict grandfather since he a spoiled brat. He moves in next door to a a girl called Be-Ri. She is funny when she first meets Tsuyoshi at the airport she has them all share a cab ride to save money. Whenever these two seem to see each other they just can't seem to get along. Looking forward to more of this series.

Three in love vol 1 - I really enjoyed this first volume. This book is nothing like what I expected. At first I wasn't sure about reading this, but I like this author. This book is about Machiru who has a crush on Suruga who is a guy and also one of her best friends. When another girl Hanakago asks Suruga out Machiru comes up with the idea that they both date him. Machiru makes me smile because she thinks Hanakago is very cute. Machiru has another guy friend Hiroo who as a crush on Machiru. Also their is sweet Ichiro who has a crush on Hanakago. This volume made me laugh and smile and am looking forward to finding out how all of these relationships turn out.

Yaoi Manga Don't Blame Me
Don't Blame me vol 1 - I like Yugi Yamada stories so I was happy to pick this up.
This story is about Kaji and Nakamura who meet at The Film Club in school. These two like each other but neither of them can seem to tell the other. Funny things happen at the Film club and with the other members. This story made me laugh. Especially the one girl in the club who takes lots of pictures.

Well that is all for now.  I feel better now that I have April done.   I will let you all know how the concert went :)

Can't wait for tomorrow night :D

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