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If I Stay, Body, Sugar Princess, Your So Cool, Angel Diary and Skip Beat

Well I went to a training class today at work.  Don't know why I had to go since I am only a contractor but it was a Time Management class.   In it one of the things it covers in procrastination.  Which I know I do all of the time. 
All of my lists that I maintain need to be updated, but I haven't including Livejournal (I could just not update them anymore but that would bother me more).  So when I got home decided to be  productive with one or two things.  So I have updated Amazon and Good reads of what I brought in August.  (yes some of the books I have read but I put them under to be Read in GoodReads).  I will fix them later when I can get my thoughts together on the books for comments.

So since I have done August in those places I figured I would do another live journal just to get another group of books off my desk.  (I am really going to try and dwindle this pile down it is driving me nuts).    Of course I am still working on the manga/books/anime/movies from back in April. (Only at the middle of the month still have the last part of the month to go). 

Books If I Stay by Gayle Forman

If I Stay - Loved this book. This was such a wonderful heart wrenching book. Loved the way the author wrote this book. That one moment you are in the present and the next she is looking back on the past. You didn't feel confused when it switched between the two. The way the author wrote you knew exactly when she was done remembering and is in the present. You will need to have tissues handy. I cried throughout half of the book. I fell in love with all of the characters, and what happens to them.

This was such an amazing book it also brought up past memories in my own life, which added to the sadness. But since it brought up past memories it made some of the scenes for me so real, like I was there in the room with her.

I don't want to give any spoilers. I will recommend this to anyone that wants to read a really good book.


Manga - Body, Sugar Princess, You're So Cool, Angel Diary, Skip Beat

Body Vol 3 - Love this series. In this volume the President seems to be getting in the way of their relationship. Will he put a stop to them dating? Will Ryu quit being a host. Will Ryoko try and make things better for Ryu and the President. In this volume you learn a little bit more of the President's past. How he got to be the president and what changed him to want to be who he is today. Will his attitude change in this volume. You will have to read it to find out the answer to these questions.

Sugar Princess Vol 2 - Enjoyed these two volumes. In this volume Shun has now become her coach for a competition that these two are in to save the rink from being destroyed. Shun and Maya make me laugh. She is so willing to learn how to Skate and Shun never really lets her know how she is doing. He just keeps having her train, and is tough on her. In this volume her family has Shun come over for dinner to meet him and thank him for helping Maya train. If you want to find out how they did in the competition you will have to read the book :)

You're So Cool Vol 3 - Still enjoying this series. In this volume Nan-Woo mother wants to meet the guy she is dating. Nan-woo has to get up the courage to ask Seung-Ha to come over. Needless to say the first meeting between Nan-woo Mom and Seung-ha doesn't go so well, nor does the first meeting. Then Nan-woo has a birthday party that very strange things happen, during it.

Angel Diary Vol 8
Love this series. In this volume Se-in has disappeared and it seems everyone is looking for him. Also Dong-Young has a secret she is keeping from Bi-Wal and also Mi-Yyang figures who it was the really kidnapped Dong-Young.  We also learn how Se-in and Ryung meet. And why Se-in seems loyal to Ryung. I can't wait for the next book which comes out in July. It seems to be taking so long between books. (I know part was the switch between Ice Kunion and Yen Press) but I really want to see what happens next.

Skip Beat Vol 15 -
Love this series. I am so glad I had the next two volumes already so I could read thim. This had such a cliff hanger.
In this volume Kyoko runs into trouble with the Vie-Ghoul singer, and someone comes to her rescue that you would not expect.
What I liked about this volume is it showed how Kyoko can be vulnerable again and how much Ren means as a person in her life.

You'll notice from the last post and probably the next couple I had gone on a reading spurt with different series.  I read a couple at once.  So Instead of posting all of the volume  read of one series at that time I am spanning them across a couple of posts. :)

Wallflower Espisoded 16, 17 and 18.  Love this series.  It makes me laugh and smile.

That's all for now. Need to start looking for the title again for the old car so I can get the junk yard to take it away from the Gas Station where it has been sitting for over a year.

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