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I keep thinking with me working daytime I will finally be able to get back to a more normal life.  Hoping in the near future that is true. My boss wanted to cut back on overtime which meant I would of finally had 2 days off a week.  But for some reason I seem to get it every 3rd week.  I did have 2 days off last week but I had to move books around in my room and clean up some.  The ceiling in the kitchen was leaking and my Dad wanted to get out on the roof.  To do this I had to clear a path for him to get to the windows.  (pretty bad when you have to clear a path to get to the windows. smiling).   It looks like we maybe in need of new windows so I am going to leave what I hide up in the attic their for just a little while ( I will have to move it when I go to decorate for Halloween).  

Anyway I am so far behind with updating my lists of what I brought in Amazon and Good reads, plus as I am reading I stopped updating good reads.  Soon I will have to check back in the books before I post, what happened and who the characters are. (Head desk) that was so stupid that I didn't keep that up.  Well other then working nothing else has really been going on.  My Daughter started college and I have been taking her back and forth.  Some other things I have to handle like talking to the Credit Union again (try to find out the fine print that lets them keep my money), getting rid of an old car I have, putting pictures in pictures albums (been trying to do this for the last 4 years), cleaning out closets of things that no longer fit, and going through all of the paperwork trashing and filing what needs to be done).  Did you notice how I don't have my books listed.  I have so many now that I really don't know what to do with them all (other then read them). hmmm

Okay well this time I am only going to write about some manga that I read. Most of these series I had read the next book but I will hold off on posting until the next time. Hoping I  be able to update again next week and at least get some things I have read posted and off the table next to me. :) 

Manga Sugar Princess, Your So Cool, Body, Comic, Gakuen Prince and Angel Diary

Sugar Princess Vol 1  - This is a really cute story. It is only 2 volumes long about a young girl Maya that goes ice skating for the first time and really likes it. When she is there she tries to do what she saw and television and does an amazing job (with some errors) doing it. The coach for the skating rink is there and asks her if she wants to be in pairs compeition with Shun. She wants to learn to ice skate and agrees the only problem. is Shun really doesn't want to have a partner he wants to skate as single. Will she convince him to become her partner?

Your So Cool vol 2  - There is just something about this story that I like. This story is about Nan-Woo a young girl in school that dreams of dating the most popular guy in school. Well sometimes you don't always get what you wish for. She does get the most popular guy Seung-Ha who is a complete jerk. Even though he pretends in school to be the best person possible but in reality he is moody, nasty at times, domineering, not sure if there is any good qualities in him. But Nan-woo sees a different side to him once in a while that makes her think he isn't all that bad. Maybe that is what I like about this book to see if she is actually able to change him from being the jerk he is into a caring guy. Not sure if it is going to happen but still there are moments where he seems almost nice. I also like the relationship developing between her uncle and the other guy.

Body vol 2 - Enjoying this series. In this series Ryoko is dating Ryu. No one in school other then Ryoko knows that he is a part time Host. In this volume him being a Host is starting to get in the way of their relationship. Will they break up, will they continue to date? You have to read this to find out.  Also in this volume we meet the President of the company that Shun works for is he a nice guy or a big jerk.

Comic vol 3 - This is a cute series. Alice won an award for her creation in a talent research search. She is now an intern working with Patrick her idol in the manwha publications. In this volume it seems that Alice's school has some financial problems and her all girl school is merging with the all boys school that Patrick attends. What will happen when these two school merge. Will Patrick and Alice get along in school. I like Alice she seems to care about Patrick and her old teacher that taught her. She is willing to help Patrick while he is working even though he prefers that she doesn't. Does Patrick like her in some way? Also her friend Daria asks Patrick to help her in a situation.

Gakuen Prince vol 1 - When they say on the back of this series No hold Barred competition they really mean it. In this new series a new boy joins the school only to realize how crazy it is with so few boys and girls everywhere. They girls are attacking the boys, for sexual reasons. All of the boys are put in the S-Class and these girls think they have rights to all of the boys. One girl who is trying to stay out of everything and hidden in the background gets caught up with the whole mess when the girls all go after the new guy. Needless to say in this book there is a lot of backstabbing, name calling, people being beat up, etc. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting but there where parts that made me smile. For one this super shy girl has another side to her where she imaings telling people off, and having a mean face. Which ones in awhile she reveals. (when the shy girl was thinking mean thoughts it almost reminded me of Kare First Love) but this story is way different then that story. Curious to see what happens in the next volume.

Angel Diary vol 7  - Enjoyed this volume of Angel Diary. In this volume Dong-Young admits to Bi-Wal hows she feels. Also we find out who the King of Hell really is. One of my favorite parts in volume 7 is we get to see Dong-Young and Bi-Wal as little kids. They are adorably cute when they where young. If you like Angel Diary I highly recommend reading this volume.

Yes Dancing with the stars started this week.  I taped it and haven't even watched one episode.  Hoping this weekend I will get caught up :)

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