reader17 (reader17) wrote,

Pondering how to help someon grow up and care about their future?

Pondering how to help someone grow up and care about their future?  

When you have someone that is in their late teens and really doesn't want to take responsibilities and grow up.   I know you don't want to push people to grow up but it is hard when you know they are going no where and don't know where they want to go, and they don't want to take the steps to become responsible.

This person can be kind,  and caring but is in their own little world.   How do you get them to understand that they have to start taking some kind of responsibilities.   

It is really bad when they have finals in college and doesn't even know if they took them all, and doesn't seem to care if they do not pass a course or two.  How do you get them to start to care?  

I feel like I shouldn't be holding their hands anymore,  they should be doing things on their own but it seems they just do not care enough to do it. 

I know there is no real answer how to get someone to grow up. Everyone has to do it in their own way but I get concerned that they might not really care enough, and it could take many years before they decide they want to.  

I know as an adult/parent I get lost in my own little world by watching anime, reading manga, and other books but that is just to get a break from reality and this is what I enjoy.  But I still know that I have to work and take responsibilities.  

Just  wondering where I went wrong and if there is anyway to correct it, or maybe I didn't do anything wrong and it is just up to the person how they turn out.   

Sorry to bend ears.

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