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City of Glass, Nodame Cantibile, Honey Hunt, Magic Touch, Maid Sama, Cut, Gentle Cage, and more

Realized that I haven't posted anything this month and last month I had only one post about work.

So to make up for all of the lost time I am going to do a post today with some books.   I have 3 piles with about 21 books in each one.That is all of the books that I have read since April and haven't posted.  I keep knocking the piles down so I figured I would do a few over the next few weeks until the pile is gone and I have new one's to add.  I am finally back on 1st shift so maybe I will feel more awake and have more time to actually do this. (Plus the boss is going to start cutting back on overtime).  So I should be having 2 days off a week again and working normal hours.  Yeah!!!  (Even though the extra money is nice it will be nice to have a few days off). 

I had taken a little vacation earlier this week.  We went to the Aquarium in Camden (which is nice but some of the things they have for kids didn't work).  Then we took a day trip to Washington to see the Natural History Musuem.  It was nice just a really long ride.  (Especially since we got stuck in traffice on the way home).  My daughter and I mainly stayed in the rock/mineral/gem area.  It is always amazing how gems are found in the rocks. 

Onto the books
Books - City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
City of Glass - Loved this series. This was an amazing book. What a way to end the trilogy. In this book there is conclusion between the Shadowhunters and Valentine. Who will come out on top and who will be defeated you will have to read this book to find out.
I will say you learn more about Clary, and Jace's past. What happens with the rest of the characters you will have read to find out. Yes they are all in this book Luke, her Mom, Magnus, Simon, Alec, and Isabelle.  You will not be disappointed with this final book. Highly recommend reading this whole series.

Manga - Nodame Cantabile, Honey Hunt, Magic Touch, Maid Sama
Nodame Cantiabile vol 1 - Enjoyed this story. This story is about Noda who is a piano student at this school and she meets the boy next store Chiaki who is an amazing piano player, and is good at other instrucments. Chiaki wants to become a condutor. He meets Noda one day and his life is turned upside down. She has fallen in love with him because he feeds her, cleans her house and she loves the way he plays. I laughed at parts of this she is such a character Chiaki cleans her apartment one night and a week later it is a mess again. He also makes her wash her hair and he does it for her. Just her reaction and the facial expressions she makes cracks me up. Chiaki is an arrogant guy but for some reason he keeps doing things for her. I am looking forward to reading more of this series. It is fun to read.

Honey Hunt vol 1 - This was a cute new series that just came out. This is about a girl whose parents are celebrities and she is very plain and normal girl that it seems that her parents aren't around to raise. We find out in the first chapter that the parents are going to get a divorce. In the process the girl gets mad at her Mom and decides she is going to become a bigger star then her Mom. This book has her going onto interviews to try and land a job in the acting world. I really like the girl she was sweet and I don't blame her for being upset with her family.

Magic Touch vol 1 - Enjoyed this new series. This is about a girl who is in the massage club at school. On the bus there is a guy that she always only sees from the back and she wants to give him a massage since he is so stiff. She finally meets him and asks to give him a massage and he says only if she can make him fall in love with her. This was a cute story of her meeting up with him and just being herself but she is so cute, and smiles and keeps asking to do give him a massage. You will have to read it to see how it proceeds. This did make me smile. I like the characters in this book. Her older brother makes me laugh he is also part of the club.

Maid Sama vol 1 - This was a cute story about Misaki that is the student council president at a school that used to be an all boys school and recently allowed girls in. The boys keep trying to do what they used to do when girls weren't there and this is embarassing the girls. So Misaki is strict, and tough with the boys to behave. Unknown to everyone at the school she is working in a cafe dressed as a Maid. One of the popular guys in the school finds out. Will he let everyone know or will he keep this a secret. 

Yaoi Manga/Novel - Cut, Gentle Cage
Cut - Loved this story. It is a compiling story that pulls me in for a very emotional ride. This story is about two guys that have some inner demons to live with because of their family lives. They meet and they start being together to help each other forget their problems. This is a story of them growing closer together and trying to get over their emotional scars that are in their lives. This book deals with some abusive by a stepfather and are not suited for minors. That is why it is rated M for Mature.

Gentle Cage - Enjoyed reading this story. This is a typical Yaoi novel, but I like reading the Yaoi novel they are fast reads.
The book starts out with Itsuki going to Tokiwa house to ask him to come to his employers house to talk to him. Itsuki has a slight accident while there, so he has to stay for a few days. While he is there we find out the story of how Itsuki and Tokiwa meet in college and they become good friends. Tokiwa starts to fall for Itsuki. Itsuki family has some problems and to help with the financle situation he takes an older man up on his offer to move in with him and live as this guy tells him. They do not have a romantic relationship it is more like an owner with a pet that he loves. In this novel it has the present situation and what is happening but it also has Itsuki remembering back to times he was with Tokiwa before. Can these two be friends again, can they be more, or do they hate each other now. If you like Yaoi novels you would have to read to find out.

Movies - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Yes I love this musical.  When I was little I used to love watching this.  The dancing and the singing makes me happy.  I actually own this on VHS.   We have a tv at work we can watch on 2nd and 3rd shift just to have company.  One night when I was really tired I turned it on and this movie had just come on it was about 15 minutes into.  So of course I left it on and it woke me right up.  I just love the barn scene when they are dancing, and when they are out in the snow singing and cutting the wood. This movie always lifts my spirits up. :)

Anime - Wallflower and The Girl Who Leapt through Time
Wallflower eps 14 and 15.  I just love The Wallflower the manga and the anime.  Even though some of the English voices don't sound like I think the characters should it is still a good anime.  I just have to finish watching the next half.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - I brought this to watch it and I am so glad I did.  I loved this movie.  It was really good about a girl who figures out she can go back in time and change some events.  She mainly is changing events that happen at school like test, and chemistry, and if I guy should confess to a girl.  She hangs out with two guys and one of them is about to confess to her.  She goes back and tries to change it so he doesn't.  The ending is good but I wanted more.  (I will not give any hints in case you haven't watched it yet).. Just if you like anime I would recommend watching this movie.  :D

That's all for now hopefully in the next couple days I will do more.  (smiling 7 down and many more to go).

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