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Happenings, Kdrama, Kpop, Family,

Well it is the end of August so I am going to give my monthly Drama update, and do you believe I actually got to finish the one book and then read another along with a few manga's.  This is the most I have read in years!  I did it over my vacation which made me happy.  I forgot how much I love to read.

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Korean Drama

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Japanese Drama
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Chinese Drama
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Well that is all for now I will be back in September with more updates about my Dad, and drama's and other things.  September is a very busy month starting with my sister's birthday tomorrow, and my daughters birthday later in the month, and closing the pool, and doctors appointments. 

happenings, ramblings, kpop

Last month I forgot to do a post of the drama's I have been watching.  I will update in another week or two because I will of finished one more :)

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Well that is all for now.  I will update again in a few weeks with Drama's since I go back and compare where I am!

happenings, kpop

Okay due to storms last night my daughter was up so I slept on the couch to keep her company, so on the way home from work to keep myself awake I was switching through the radio stations, and guess what!  I heard BTS's new song Boys with Luv playingon 102.1.  None of the radio stations around here have played any kpop before that I am aware of (Other then PSY Gangam Style).  I am so happy!!! I was dancing along and it woke me up for a few minutes at least!

Happenings, Ramblings, Family, KPop

I forgot to post about the newest memebers to our family.  I also have an update on Kdrama/kpop but I will do the Kdrama in a different post.

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I will be back in a minute with an update on Kdrama's, and I am sure I will update again about our zoo!

Happenings, KDrama, JDrama, and CDrama,

It is now 2019 and I checked and in 2018 I posted at least once a month with the exception of August :) To me that is accomplishment over the past years. Not sure how well I will do this year but, I am doing my first post with the updated list of Drama's and Movies to include 2018!

I was able to watch a few more drama's this year then I did last year!  Even though right now I feel like I am in a slump not sure what to watch except for the one's that are ongoing.  I wanted to start a new one over the weekend and nothing was catching my eye.  This is how drama's end up on my maybe will continue when I am in this kind of mood I start one episode but then stop because I am not really sure what I want.

The drama's over the years that I really enjoyed or loved I have put a * next them for now :)


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K Variety I did watch It's Dangerous beneath the blanket I really enjoyed that show to bad it is already done. I enjoyed all of the guess but Kang Daniel seemed always so happy and Loco ever week I looked forward to what strange thing he would be trying.  The episodes were all good but if Kang Daniel or Loco was not in that one it felt like something was missing.

Also continue to watch BTS Run I missed it when it was on for a few months.  So happy it is back.

That's all for now will be back again in hopefully January (if not I at least did one post) :)  With more updates!
Tonight is New Year's Eve, so I figured I would do my final post for the year.   We normaly play games and have snacks and shrimp on New Years so I am just waiting for my sister and niece to come over :)   My Daughter and her friend are upstairs and ready,  I feel bad for my son he has to work early tomorrow morning so he will be in bed early.

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Below is an update for the drama's I have been watching.  It seems like I watched a lot but most of it was the past few days after the holiday!
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Well that's all for now.  I almost made my goal of doing one post a month I missed one month this year.  That is going to be one of my other goals is to post at least once a month :)

Korean Drama's, Chinese Drama's

I said I would be back to post about the korean drama and I also watched a Chinese Drama and I am in the middle of another one.

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I have been mainly watching something that will make me smile or laugh to much going on around me that I need to watch the lighter drama's.


It's Halloween and we only got 18 trick or treaters, last year it was 23. I really have to cut down on how much candy I buy and put in the bags, it is way to expensive.

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Below is an update on the drama's I have been watching.

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That is all for now just wanted to get an update in before October finished :)

I missed my goal of posting at least once a month.  I missed August sigh but I am doing better then the last few years with posting :) Sorry this is going to be a long post!

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Korean/Japanese Dramas

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Well sorry for the long post it has been so long and I should of updated back in August and earlier in September since I have so much going on.   Hopefully in the next few weeks I can find a car that fits my budget and it is good and last for more then 6 years!

Still 17 (Thirty But Seventeen) is another Korean drama that I think deserves it's own post.
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