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I missed my goal of posting at least once a month.  I missed August sigh but I am doing better then the last few years with posting :) Sorry this is going to be a long post!

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Korean/Japanese Dramas

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Well sorry for the long post it has been so long and I should of updated back in August and earlier in September since I have so much going on.   Hopefully in the next few weeks I can find a car that fits my budget and it is good and last for more then 6 years!

Still 17 (Thirty But Seventeen) is another Korean drama that I think deserves it's own post.
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I know I am spamming today :)

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Koren Dramas

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Well that is all for now. Sorry for such a long post, but I will be back again!

Happenings Korean Drama

Come and Hug Me Korean Drama!

Since I think this was an amazing drama, and I don't think a lot of people watched it, I think it deserves it's own separate post :)

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I posted before that the pool was fixed and we have been able to use it a few days.  Today was an ugly day, you would of thought I would of watched more drama's but I only watched 2 and 1/2.  Now my father is worried about the crick and rocks falling in and getting in the pipe.  He really doesn't have a lot to occupy his time so he sits and worries about things, that he never worried about before.  The rocks have been on side of the crick since I was a kid, they may of shifted some over the years but they have not fallen in.

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Well that is all the updates for now.  Thought I should do one since it has been about a month.  Not sure if I will keep updating as the drama's go along or if I will just update as I finish one.  I think that was my goal do an update when I finish one.  But I haven't finished any in a month since most of them are drama's current running :)


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Pool and tree update
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I will be back again later with an update on Drama's and kpop.

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Today finally felt a little like spring. The weather has been so crazy.  In February we had one or two days that were close to 80's, now when it is Spring it has been in the 30's and 40's.  The past few days it has actually felt more like spring!  Things going on around the house.Pool and TreeCollapse )

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Korean dramas
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Wow I'm impressed I did a post each month so far this year.  No promises that this will keep up but who knows! Well that is all for now.   Going to do more laundry, empty the diswasher and watch more drama's :)

Happenings, Family, Kdramas, and Kpop

Well on the East Coast we have been having some crazy weather.  About two weeks ago it was spring like weather, then last Friday it was a nor'easter that was mainly rain and wind that caused a lot of trees and wires to come down, then this past Wednesday there was another Nor'easter that luckily it didn't snow to much in my area.   Now on Sunday there maybe another Nor'easter but they are saying it may stay down south which I hope.  Then next Saturday be in the high 50's.  So March came in like a lion and has been cold since.  Hoping it goes out like a lamb. 

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I said I would be back with an update on the drama's.   It has been a while.   There were a few that I had been watching that I have completed, and others that I had started and are currently watching, and one or two still on back burner.

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Well that is all for now.  I will update again when these other drama's finish up.   Trying to decide if I should start another drama that is just beginning or if I should find one that is completed and marathon it.   Not sure if I will have a lot of time to watch in the next few weeks.  Next week we are busy some of the nights, and I think Easter may be here at my house again which means I will need to clean next weekend, and the following and decorate for the holidays.   At least this time I had more notice.

Happenings, Kdrama, Tdrama

Well I happy I am positing in January, lets see if I can do one a month LOL!  Probably not but I do believe I posted more this year then I have the past two or three.  Keeping with updating my Drama lists I have now added 2017 Drama's and movies I watched.   I think I watched less this year then previous years, but I did watch one or to long one's that I enjoyed!  There were some really good Drama's I watched this past year that I loved, and am said they are over.  I put a * next them for now :)

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Well this is all I wanted to do was update my list since I don't really do a monthly post with what all I have watched.  I think it is because the drama's last about 2 to 3 months, then I forget to post because I have moved on to the next one :).

I will be back in a few days to discuss family, work and Kpop (BTS is still doing so well it makes me happy)!


Happenings, Kpop and family

Well there is only a few days left until 2018.   I will start out with today my son turned 30!  I can't believe how fast time flies.  He didn't want to have a party, or ice cream or cake.  Which makes me sad, like I didn't do anything for him.  We took him to Kim's Seafood Restaurant were he had his Top neck clams, me and my daughter had hamburgers.   It's just a tiny little restaurant with booths but we have been going there the past 3 years for his birthday so it feels like a tradition :).

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Usually around the Holiday's I am down and depressed this year I was doing good until I heard about Jonghyun.

I am hoping next year my daughter and son does well and everyone is healthy and happy. I will most likley be back shortly to post about Kdrama's and Kpop and whatever else may come to me :).