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I keep saying I will update with the drama's I have watched then I forget.  I was part of two forums were I would update what I was currently watching now one of them is shutting down.  I feel bad that the site is shutting down.  As I said before I like to go back in posts and see what I have watched and when.  I do keep a list but my pc broke a little while ago, and I haven't had time to try and get my older documents.  So I am going to post the list of the drama's I have watched up until now, and currently watching, and I am thinking when I update the one forum I will just copy the information here then I will be current :).  Also if that site shuts down and something happens to my document again I will have the information.

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I'll come back and update some of the variety shows I have watched and Kpop :( which I am sad since I found out L.Joe is not renewing with Teen Top.

Happenings, Kpop, Kdrama and Kvariety

I have vactrion this week from work, on Friday my last day before vacation I was smelling something odd.  Now I had though I spelled something the day before but the refrigerator is behind me so I though maybe something had gone bad.  On Friday no one had opened the refridgerator and I could still smell something bad.   So I got in my desk drawer and pulled out my sweater which I keep there because I get cold and a dead mouse fell on the floor.  YUCK!!!.   Can I say it really smelled and me being a girl and don't like Mice I started to yell really loud.   One guy yelled over is everything alright and I yelled NO!.   Then one of the girls I worked with was meeting with her boss and came running out of the office wondering why I was yelling.  I told her about the mouse.  Now her boss came out and another guy.   The other guy asked I wanted him to get it and I said YES!! But Rohit the Supervisor actually picked it up and put it in the trash for me!! I was very thankful that he did.

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I know most of my LJ friends are gone but I like to update Live journal once in awhile just for myself, I go back and check old posts out.   Hoping I can get a newer pc in the next month or two.  I got a new one at work and I can buy my old work pc for cheap.  I plan on doing that.  My pc in my room doesn't let me do Youtube and mozilla firefox crashes, and the extra pc that I have been using I think the drive is going.   I am still trying to save money here and there for a Laptop.  (Not sure if I really want a laptop, but with my father getting older I may need to have one so I can still watch and do what I like but I can be there if he needs me and not up in my bedroom or down in the recroom.

Well that is all for now.   Hopefully I will return sooner then later and update some of the drama;s I have watch even if it is just to post the list :)

Happenings Kpop,

Haven't done an update on Kpop for awhile.  Just checked and it was back in 2014 (Wow).  So many new groups to love!! Yes some of them listed below have been out for a while but I hadn't metion some of them.Boys GroupsCollapse )

Can't forget the girl groups.  I was staying away from them but in 2014/2015 I started to listen to some of the girl groups and have added them as part of my favorites

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I know there are more but this is the latest update.  Will add the other groups as I think of them :)

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Some of the groups that I used to listen to a long time ago actually had updated music within the last few years.  It had been awhile Third Eye Blind, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and I think Goo Goo dolls may have a new song coming out soon.  Which all of this makes me happy!

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Hello it is has been a little bit since I last posted.  I haven't posted in so long with the new layout I am not even sure how it works :/

Well we closed the pool down because it is colder here and right before closing it down we had a lot of rain.  We have a deck and now one side is slanted.   The pool guys think it is the rain washed away some of the dirt that belongs under the pool so that is why it is slanted.  Not sure how we will fix this, but we decided to wait until next year.  We will have to decide early so we can open the pool ontime.  Just hoping nothing happens over the winter.

I go back in old post sometimes just to see what I have watched and done and realized I missed some of the drama I had watched a long time ago and that I love.  So I am going to start with them.  Then maybe in the next post whenever that maybe I will pick up where I left off :)

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Now I have finally posted the drama's I watched in 2013. I didn't realize I missed these.  Hopefully I will be back before the year is out with another post for the drama's in 2014 LOL!  And to update on my Kpop obsession.  It seems to be slowing down just a tad not a lot but there are so many new groups that debut over the past year that I love!!

Happenings Kdrama/Tdrama Kpop, Manga

Wow I can't believe how fast time goes by especially when you have an obsession like I do with K-Drama's, T-dramas and Kpop.   Plus back in June my Dad had knee surgery he got one knee replaced and the other knee a partial.  So he was in the hospital and rehap for two weeks, then we all had to keep an eye on him and help him the first two weeks of being home so I got behind on all my drama watching.  Still getting caught up.  So here we go with another long post.

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That's all for now.  Yes I have other Drama's to be added, and I am sure I will figure out the Kpop I am missing.   Maybe one day I will get back to reading and have more books to be added :)  Not sure if I will update more often or wait months again.  But who know at least it has been twice this year :)

Happenings Kdrama/Tdrama Kpop, Manga

Sorry haven't posted in a little while with getting ready for the holiday's and all it has been busy. Plus with my Kdrama addiction and Kpop addiction I don't have time for much reading and doing other things. So this post is mainly about my obession with Kdrama's still and Kpop LOL! This post became much longer then I thought it would be

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Korean Movie
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Well that is all for now I think I have written way to much and overloaded everyone :) Will try to update more often inside of a huge one. LOL!

Happenings KPOP Cnblue

Have I ever mentioned I am a big chicken!! CNBLUE is going to have a concert in NY on January 21st and I am to chicken to go by myself to NY. Read more...Collapse )

Oh well I will be back later with updates on KPOP groups that I have come to really like, and some drama's that I have watched some of them where really good that I would like to add to my favorites list. Including one I am watching now Reply 1994.
Well other then working nothing much going on.  My car needed to be inspected in September and cost way more then I expected for it to be fix and pass inspection.   I don't think my cars in the past have ever cost that much.  Hoping next year it won't be as bad.

I have still be watching kdramas, tdramas and Barefoot Friends.  I have put Love Now on hold for the moment.  I sometimes do this when I like a show but I am watching others that I enjoy more.  I will go back and finish it another time, but I started to watch another drama and wanted to finish it since I loved it.
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Books, Manga and Anime
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That's all for now, next week Kdrama Future Choices (Marry him if you Dare)  starts with Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong hwa (CNBLUE).  Looking forward to seeing this.  Loved Yoon Eun Hye in coffee prince and enjoyed her other drama's.  You all know my love for Jung Yong Hwa his previous drama's and his singing.   Hoping this Kdrama is good, even if it isn't I know I will still enjoy it because of the actors/actress's.

Happenings Kpop, Kdrama, Tdrama

Nothing much really going on.  I was able to get my pc backup and working and in my room again.  Now I just have to download everything I saved on the other computer.  The few list I have and the bills that where paid etc, plus I still have to get my clothes from my daughters room and put them all away.   So things are coming along.

Kdrama - Tdrama

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Once I get my lists loaded back up I will update what other drama's I have watched and maybe I will find the book I read.  I am in the middle of Crossed it is good so far :) Plus I have read three manga SKIP BEAT (still love this series)!! and vol 3 and 4 of Strobe Edge this is a cute series. So now that I have bored you with my Kpop update and a little about my Kdrama's, and T'drama's I will stop here.

Happenings and Kdrama's

Well it has been awhile since I posted and I'm still watching Kdrama's.  My life is still a little upside down in the house but I think within the next few weeks everything might be settling down and I may have my PC hooked back up where I can use again.

Since I am sharing my pc with my niece and sister I am still watching different drama's just not as many as before, along with Barefoot Friends.

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Three of the drama's I was watching just ended and the other one last episode this weekend.  So now I have to decide what to watch next.   Is it going to be one that is just starting or go find one from my list of many others I want to watch.  Decisions decisions.

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I did finish a book which I had been reading since September and started another one which I am reading much faster.  I will write about them when I get my PC back (Sure I will when was the last time I wrote about any books) Hmm just wondering.

My daughter wants me to watch the anime Space Brothers.  So I promised her I will watch an episode this weekend.  I guess that has made my decision of what to watch next. LOL!

Wow it's been so long I am not sure if I even remember how to do cuts.  That is what happens when you don't update in a while.  Oh well I will be back with the other K-Drama's I have watched.  Some where really good and others where okay.  I don't think I have watched any yet that I haven't liked.  Some of them are not as good as others but they still entertained me.   Maybe I will actually post the two books and one two manga I have read since September.